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jon w/hatI took care of a hay and cattle ranch in northeastern Oregon, then the water inlets for the city of Bend, Oregon, on Tumalo Mountain, then a Girl Scout ranch in the Rocky Mountains near Denver and then another Girl Scout ranch in the Rocky Mountains near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Laura and I and our daughters, Juniper and Amanda, lived on the places we took care of. My family participated in the caretaking and in the adventures of living in the mountains, nearly outside the consumer culture.

Much of my writing tells about our experience as a family on remote ranches, close to wildlife and away from the consumer society.jon splits wood

I’ve published essays, short fiction, and poetry in The Crab Creek Review, Back Home, Bellowing Ark, Bugle, The Christian Science Monitor, The Doula, The Fiddlehead, Home Educator’s Family Times, Home Schooling, Men's Fitness, Northwest, Summit, The Sun, a Magazine of Ideas, Yoga International, The Wolf Head Quarterly, Zyzzyva, and other magazines and newspapers. I’ve published books of fiction, and books of Jon with guitarnon fiction.

Many of my essays and some of my books are about living off the grid, about wildlife we saw and interacted with, about the closeness in our family that came partly from living and working in undeveloped areas, about the education of our daughters within our family, and about the perspectives we developed partly because we lived close to the land, with nature and wildlife around us.

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Daily Prayer

    April 5, 2024 ; I will be away from my website for a while, putting on less new material. I need to get more entries ready and I need to think about whether I want to keep my website going or not. If you think I should keep it going, say something supportive to Jon@oregonauthor.com. (this is not a link.)

   Meanwhile, there's lots to read and listen to from links on this page and from archives.


Arizona Storm  Essay.

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Between Storms, A Garden  Essay.

Gardening the Desert Poem and Reading

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Story fiction.

Family Cohesion on the Ranch Essay.

Family Education 1981 Essay.

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 Songs: written, performed, and recorded by Jon Remmerde.

Everything's Gonna be All Right   

Going to the Country 

Heavy Equipment Comin' Now   

Good Morning Sunshine 

No New Messages

You Say I am a Cowboy

Light inside My Existence

I'm Headed down the Road

Bad News  

Devastation Blues 

More songs are available from Archives.

Songs: Tom Niehus, music and engineering, voice, Leiza Rey and Tom Neihus, lyrics by Jon Remmerde.


Railroad Song 

Know Your Grower 

Snowy Owl 

Trucker in Early Morning

Independence Day 

Move out of this Town 

Desert Storm

Wake   Vocal and music, Tom Niehus. Lyrics, Jon Remmerde.


Keep On Making Music

 More songs are available from Archives.


Somewhere in an Oregon Valley  Book in PDF. My family's adventures living on a  ranch in the mountains, nearly outside the consumer culture.

Quiet People in a Noisy World  Book in PDF. 72 essays about my family’s life on remote ranches, on quiet mountains in Oregon and in Colorado, far from the noise and stress of modern life.

Abraham's Journey A book. An allegory.
In the Beginning A book of 26 surreal short stories.



Killing Rattlesnakes Essay from archives.

Venison Summer

Storms on the Pete Mann Ditch Essay

Dark Night in a Dark Cabin essay.

The Dark Heart of Winter Essay by Laura Remmerde.

Driving Flies  Essay and  Reading from archives.

Housework by Gender Essay from archives.

Golden Belgian, Golden Autumn Essay.

Time Flies When I'm Having Fun essay.

Culture Shock  Essay.

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Short and Happy Life of Spaghetti Johnson  fiction.

Steel Sting Guitars and Sweet Oranges Essay from archives.

Iron Thumb, Beavers and Me Essay from archives.

Rain Poem and Reading.

Witing a New Poem and Reading

Trillions for War essay.

Christianity Reviled essay.

A Man of Power, with spikes on His Boots Essay.

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Other Stuff: 

Raven and Coyote fiction.

No TV, No Cell Phone Essay.

Tips for Writers 1 Essay.

Thirteen Raven Poems   Reading of Thirteen Raven Poems.

Gathering Images from a Wandering Journey Essay.

I Walked up the Hill  Poem and Reading


The Insidious Development of Keyboarditis   Essay.

More essays, poems, songs and stories are available in Archives.