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 Why is this website?  About the author, singer-songwriter, photographer, and website editor. (Photo of the editor having his ear washed.)

 Recording My Songs   An essay. 852 words. All songs on my website are written, performed, and recorded by Jon Remmerde unless otherwise noted. I've copyrighted all my songs and registered the copyrights. Why donate?

Book, Quiet People in a Noisy World: description, reviews, sample, and buy.
Book, Somewhere in an Oregon Valley: description, reviews, sample, and buy.
Book, Abraham's Journey  description, reviews, sample, and buy.


4-17   Springtime Man  Tom Niehus arranged, performed, and recorded this song, written by Jon Remmerde.

4-11   Down to the River  A song.

4-5   Going to the Country   A song.

3-31   Funny Little Thing  An essay from the Sonoran Journal by C. Remmerde.

3-28  A Motley Crew Buys Kefir  An essay. 1031 words.

3-20  Know Your Grower  A song, arranged, performed, and recorded by Tom Niehus. Tom performed every sound on this recording.

         Know Your Grower  Written, performed and recorded by Jon Remmerde.

         Communication between Tom and Jon about putting both versions of this song on this website.

3-14  Buttecar body darkerrfly's Name  A poem.  Audio of the poem.

         Butterflies in Our Rudbeckia  A Poem.  Audio of the poem.

3-8    Meeting the Muse  Fiction. 5,980 words. This story is dedicated to all writers who have problems with alcohol or with life interfering with their writing.

3-3    Hey, Hey, Hey  A song.

2-26   Four-Wheel Drive on the Meadow  An essay; 953 words.

2-21  Another Day Done Gone  A song.

2-16  Must be a Magic World  A song .

2-13  Burned-Out Blues  A Poem, and audio reading of the poem.

2-6    Summer Rose Special  Fiction. 1552 words, and audio reading of the story.

1-31   Ponce de Leon   Fiction. Taken from archives and revised. 2153 words.

1-26   Dark Heart of Winter  an essay by Laura Remmerde.  688 words..

1-21  The Coldest Place in Oregon  An essay.   926 words.screech owl

1-16  The Housekeeper and the Poet   An essay by Laura Remmerde. Published in the Christian Science Monitor.

1-9  Refusing Corned-Beef Hash  An essay. 762 words.

1-3-2019    Create to the Future   An essay 541 words. 

12-27   Treasured Music of Treasure Valley  An essay. 1549 words 

12-20   Winter of the White Dog   Fiction 2,141 words.

12-13   Jake's Song fiction. 3,147 words.

12-7     Lyle's Place  Fiction 3,631words.

12-2     Webmaster's Journal 12-2-2018

11-29    Ebullience  An essay, and Good Morning Sunshine  A song.

11-23    Fox in My Yard   Essay and photo by C. Remmerde, from the Sonoran Journal.

11-20    I’m taking a short break, again. I’m behind schedule, because of restructuring I need to do to my website, music practice I need to catch up with, preparations for Thanksgiving, various exigencies of living. I’ll be back right after Thanksgiving. 

11-13   Headed Down the Road   A song.

11-10  Water in the Horse Trough, Skunk on the Stairs   From the Sonoran Journal by C. Remmerde

11-4   Tree with Mistletoe Slams and Rainstorms Delivering Papers  An essay. 

11-1    Webmaster's Journal   November 1. 2018  

10-29   Light inside My Existence  A song.

10-18   I Rise to New Heights, but Not Like the Eagle   An essay. 753 words.

10-10  Trucker in Early Morning   A Song.  A new recording.

10-7   Lessons from Ants and Grasshoppers. An essay, 1154 words. 

10-1   Thistles and Thorns   A Song..

9-27   Family Cohesion on the Ranch   An Essay. 1422 words.

9-22   Family Education,1981   An essay.

9-17   Winter Doldrums   A song.

9-12   Sprouting Memories   An essay.

9-10  Vultures Around My Place  From The Sonoran Journal, text and Photos by C. Remmerde.

 8-25   Entry from the Sonoran Journal, August 15, 2018, Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies..

8-22   Everything's Gonna Be All Right   A song. I've put this song, this recording, on my website before. I put it on again, now, because it keeps ringing around inside my head.

8-18   Predragonflies   from The Sonoran Journal. Photo and text by C. Remmerde.

8-12   Reading of  the poem, The Beef You Eat Today Was Hydraulic Oil Yesterday.

8-11   The Beef You Eat Today Was Hydraulic Oil Yesterday  A Poem.stream, moss, rocks

8-2    Alarm in My Yard  (Kingsnake photo and text by C. Remmerde.)

7-25    Devastation Blues   A song.4:04  mp3  file.

7-5   The editor takes some time away from his website and will be back in a flash or a flash and a half, by July 25, in any case, with progressive changes.

6-28   Garbage Cans and Dreams of Wild Roses   Fiction.

6-23    Hunting the Last Season   Fiction. 4,703 words.

6-18    Journal entry from The Sonoran Desert of Arizona, by C. Remmerde.

6-4   Eating Rattlesnake  Fiction. 2,621 words. 

6-1   Carving Black Walnut   Taken from essay archives and revised.

6-6 Webmaster's Journal   6-6-2018

5-29     Mysterious Singer   An essay by C. Remmerde. 

5-24   The Gardner Selects a Petal   A picture and a poem.

5-20    Liberating Horses   Fiction. 

5-16    Mexico   Fiction.

5-11   Two essays about the same typewriter.

The Homework I Gladly Did for 'Bus Class'   by Juniper Kistner  (nee Remmerde).

The Old Typewriter Worked at just the right speed  by Jon Remmerde.

 5-7   Writing a New Poem A poem.

Warm January Wind  A poem.

Writing a New Poem   Reading of the poem.

Warm January Wind   Reading of the poem.

 5-1     Bad News in the World Today   A song.

4-29   A Reverberant Woodpecker Sounds My Metal Chimney   An essay. 

4-24   Facing South in Renewing Sunshine  An Essay.

4-19    No New Messages   A song (remixed).

4-13     A Child's Treasure   An essay by Juniper Kistner  (nee Remmerde).

4-9     Driving Dreams   Fiction. 

 4-3    Cactus wren nest  Essay and photo by C. Remmerde. 

3-27    Rotten Potatoes  Fiction.

3-4    Several short statements about contemporary politics and violence.  

3-19    I Come Singing   A poem. 

Reading of I Come Singing   MP3 file.

Write, Write, Write   A poem.

Reading of Write, Write, Write  MP3 file.

3-16   Delay on Website  An  essay.

3-1   Arizona Spring Storm   An essay.  Published in The Christian Science Monitor, June 30, 2010.

3-7   I Wake From Dreams   A Song.  Mixed down to an MP3 file from a wav file. New recording.

2-22   According to the NRA and others, including many politicians, people are safest where there are many guns, concealed and visible.

    There are places where guns, by law, cannot be carried, including the White House, the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., Mar-A-Lago, the Republican National Convention and many Republican town meetings.

    The NRA, supporting politicians, and other concerned people have been negligent and now need to work rapidly and forcefully to get laws prohibiting guns in these locations changed. Don't we want our nation's leaders and politicians to be safe?

    I suggest all readers write everyone who can influence laws, call to their attention places that have been overlooked in the campaign for safety, and call for immediate action to change laws so guns are permitted in these places.

2-19   Who could pledge allegiance to the flag of this violent nation and to the capitalistic oligarchy for which it stands, a nation under chaos, divided asunder, with liberty and justice for a few?

    I pledge my allegiance to peace, to Love, to Life, to a world under God who is Love and is Life, who creates all humankind in love, equal without regard for color, religious belief, political views, place, gender, or sexual orientation.

2-16   Raindancer  Fiction  2361 words.

2-11  Orchids in the Morning   Photo by C. Remmerde with sculpted self portrait alongside the orchids, after she planted the orchids but before dusk, when she transformed back into a pumpkin, tears from all the orchids, because they had so enjoyed her company, and yet, and yet to grow beside a growing pumpkin, vigorous and orange, how gardenish, how growful, how very very lifeish. Now they grow so honored. Their tears abated.  Proudness and gratitude swells them toward the sky.


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