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Essays:  Admonitions from the Wind    All the Winter's Interruptions   All Things Loud and Electrical    Alligator and Dog    Arizona Storm     Backstroke, Breaststroke, Slowpoke     Bees Eat from Our Lawn  Between Storms, A Garden    Blackbirds Flying in Sunshine    Breakfast in Moonlight    Bringing Drinking Water Home    Broomsticks    California Dreaming    Carrot Ice Cream   Carving Black Walnut   Cat and Horse C. Remmerde.   Close Encounters of the Heron Kind  by Laura Remmerde.   The Committee    Cool Motorcyclists Tour the Sierras     Cougars at Magic Sky    Crazy Bird    Create to the Future    Cutting Poles and Getting Stuck in Spring Sunshine  Dance with Death, Dance for Life    Dangerous Animals on the Meadow     Dave, Howard, John   Dear Teacher, Don't Split Kindling     Dog's Body    Drama at Hassayampa River Preserve   Essay by C.Remmerde.  Dried Fruit Lasts through All Seasons    Drifting Dreams and Faraway Train Whistles    Driving the Crumpled Car   Driving Tractor through Moments of Wonder    Elk on the Meadow    Facing South in Renewing Sunshine     Feathers    Fish and C. Communicate  Essay by C. Remmerde   Fox Nest  Essay by C. Remmerde.  Freedom for a Very Small Bird    Frozen Eucalyptus Warms Us through a Cold Winter   Funny Money    Gardening where Few Dare    .Gift of Creativity    Golden Summer and Gold from the Yuba River  Guns along the Northfork   Hard Times in Paradise    Harmony on the Feedground      Harvesting Ice from the River    Harvesting Wild Asparagus   Homework I Gladly Did for "Bus Class"  by Juniper Kistner nee Remmerde.   How I Found My Way Home  Essay by Juniper Kistner nee Remmerde.    Hung up with a Happy Family   I Find Grace in the Middle of a Mountain Lake essay.   I Got Dreams    Invasion toward Balance     Keyboarditis    Learning to Swear   A Little Note  Essay by C. Remmerde.     Lessons from Ants and Grasshoppers  Mail at Whitney 3  A Man Called Grandma   Old Friends   Mechanics of Building My Website  The Old Typewriter Worked at Just the Right Speed   One Man, One Dog, Forty Steers   Our Christmas Angel  An essay by Laura Remmerde, and her Reading of the essay. A Poet and a Housekeeper  by Laura Remmerde.  Purl's Sunny Approach to Picking up the Pieces    Raising Five to Garden  Essay.  Recording Songs      Santa Fe's Organic Vegetables  A Reverberant Woodpecker Pounds My Chimney   Saved Again by the Generous Force of Life and Love    Smoke and fire    Something Interesting by C. Remmerde    Tips for Writers 1     Trials and Rewards of a Winter Paper Route     A Unique, Light Grey Cowboy Hat     Walk in the Dark    Warmed by the Generosity of Existence     A Waterfall in our Backyard  Weapons of Defense     We Share Lunch with Our Pollinating Friends    Winter Wind    W.T.

Fiction:    After the Rain    Adam's Dream     The Birthday Car   The Bull on Road 109     Cane Toads  Clothesline    Down in the Dumps    Driving Dreams    Eating Rattlesnake    Everything Comes together at Infinity    Father Elk   From this Valley    Give Me Some Sugar   House on the Bluff   Hunting the Last Season  In Summer's Heat    In the Beginning   Jake's Song   The Last Great Western Stock Drive   Lenora    Leo Rising    Liberating Horses   Lyle's Place    Meeting the Muse    Of Man and Mouse     Rain Stopped and Clouds Blew to the Rising Sun    Ramon in Winter   Raven and Coyote    Rotten Potatoes   The Strongest Color    Summer Rose Special   and  reading   Superman is Dead  The Thief   Toilet Paper   Winter of the White Dog   The Writer Rides in Autumn Sunshine      Wild Call 


Poetry:   After Drought and Reading    The Alchemist Works at Midnight and Reading     The Beef You Eat Today Was Hydraulic Oil Yesterday and Reading.   Burned Out Blues and Reading    Butterflies in Our Rudbeckia    Butterfly Name and Reading    Captured. Enraptured and Reading    Coyotes Sang  and Reading   Cycle of Time and Reading   Dance of Golden Butterflies and Reading    Diamond   Dream of Winter and Reading    Earth Thinks about Spring and Reading   .Every Politician Must Cultivate a Garden  and Reading  Fourth Day of Spring  and Reading   The Gardener Selects a Petal  Photograph, garden, and sculpture by C. Remmerde. Poem by Jon Remmerde.    Garden of my Mind and Reading   Gather the Young at Dusk and Reading  I Eat Lunch  and Reading   In the Graceful World of  Dreams  and Reading   Green Rail  and Reading  Holy Ground We Stand On   Reading by Laura Remmerde.  I Always Wrote in Pencil and Reading   I  Am Wolf, Autumn Moon  and Reading    I Become Water and Reading    I Dreamed I Woke and Reading   I Dream Winter and  Reading    I Load Rocks. Raven Rides the Wind and Reading     If You Had and Reading    I Gallop Beside and Reading   In the Beauty of Earth Itself and Reading   I Shoveled and Reading      I Will Teach You to Write Poetry    Legends of Autumn  and Reading    Metaphors for Breakast and Reading  My Guitar Calls    Peru and Reading   Singing Autumn in at Sunset  and Reading  Third Day of Spring and Reading.  Understand an Edible-Pod Pea and Reading   Warm January Wind and Reading    Winter Arrived and Reading    Winter of Dancing  and Reading   Winter Notes 1997 and Reading    Wistful Joy of a Quiet neighborhood    Woman of Mountain Flowers  and Reading

 Dec. 27, 2022.  Editor's Journal.   Electric Vehicles  Editorial rant.

Several Short Statements from the Webmaster's Journal of 2018 

Songs: I'll replace some of these songs with better versions when additional practice improves my performances. I plan to put many more songs and other works on this website.


Another Day Done Gone   Bad News    Hey Man, Now Man Hurry down to the Jailhouse, Honey     I Ain't Courtin' You No More    I Got Dreams Rolling around inside My Head  I'm Gonna Go Down   I Think a Lot about Things   I Wake from Dreams  Lackadaisical Blues    Low Tech Man   Miss Molasses   Night Sweepers   Pig Pig, Horse Horse  Sunshine, Sunshine  Take a Friend to Wife    Thistles and Thorns   Trucker in Early Morning    You be My Woman