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                    Quiet People in a Noisy World:

The 72 true stories in Quiet People in a Noisy World tell about my family=s life on remote ranches, on quiet mountains in Oregon and in Colorado, far from the noise and stress of modern life. The stories describe abundant wildlife, work on ranches, adventures in the mountains, existence as a close-knit family, with our own blend of unschooling and home schooling and basic, enjoyable living.

The shortness of these stories makes them ideal for reading a story a day. Each story is complete. All the stories together build a larger story of beautiful landscapes and of the life inhabiting the landscape, of living almost outside the consumer culture.

Fifty-four of the essays in Quiet People in a Noisy World were published in magazines and newspapers. Quiet People in a Noisy World is about 81,000 words in length. 188 pages in six-inch by nine-inch paperback.

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