I replace songs with newer recordings when I think a newer recording is better than the one I had before.

Another Day Done Gone   Song about another day done gone.

Bad News in the World Today.    Song.   4 minutes and 25 seconds  Jon Remmerd

Down to the River  A song by Jon Remmerde.  1:40.

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right.   A Song.

Headed down the Road  A Song by Jon Remmerde  3:30

Hello Honey   Call this one a poem, accompanied by rough guitar, headed toward becoming a song, if I have time to practice it many times and then to record it again.

Hey Man. 3 minutes, 24 seconds. Song written, performed, and recorded by Jon Remmerde.

 I Ain't Courtin You No More   Song

I Got Dreams   Song.   By J.R.  (New Recording).   5 minutes; 30 seconds.

Light inside My Existence  A Song by Jon Remmerde.

No New Messages   A song by Jon Remmerde.

Some Northern Country  A song by JR.

Trucker in Early Morning   Song by Jon Remmerde.  4:54

You Say I Am a Cowboy  Song by Jon Remmerde. 4:25.