The Alchemist Works at Midnight  Jon reads his poem.  2:54

Butterflies in  Our Rudbeckia  Reading of the poem, by J.R.

Butterfly's Name, Reading   Reading aloud (as revised). I review my songs, poems, essays, all my work. I often find something can be changed to say better what I meant to say, or my perspective has changed, even though I thought the work was finished when I put it on my website. I revise. If the change is significant, I put it on my website again.

Dance  Jon reads his poem aloud.

Earth Thinks about Spring   Reading of poem.   (Audio)

Peru   Jon reads his poem aloud.

Reading of Dream of Winter.

Fourth Day of Spring.  Jon reads his poem.

Gardening the Desert  Jon reads his poem.

The Garden of My Mind   The author reads his poem. (audio).

The Holy Ground We Stand On, reading.  Reading by Laura Remmerde of poem by Laura Remmerde.

I Am Wolf, Autumn Moon  Jon reads his poem out loud.

I Load Rocks. Raven Rides the Wind   The author reads his poem (Audio).

Reading of In the Beauty of Earth Itself