Back to the Land  Fiction by Jon Remmerde.  1347 words.

Ballad for Hermit Jim   Fiction. 4571 words.

Down in the Dumps   Fiction.  Sometimes, our dreams and reality intersect.

Everything Comes Together at Infinity  fiction. 4,854 words.

From this Valley  Fiction by Jon Remmerde.  2,988 words.

Handyman   Fiction  4185 words.

House on the Bluff  Fiction, J.R.  4,685 words.

In Summer's Heat   Fiction by J.R.  3478 words.

In the Beginning   Fiction by J.R.  2705 words. Reprinted from archives with small corrections to better fit the story into contemporary happenings.

 James Jackson Riley   Fiction 11,111 words.

The Kid Sails toward Home   Fiction 5833 words.

The Last Great Western Stock Drive   Fiction by Jon Remmerde  6169 words.

Leo Rising   Fiction.

Murdering Cows on the West Boundary   Fiction.  5788 words.

Nuts   Fiction 321 words.

Ponce de Leon.  Fiction by Jon Remmerde.  1949 words

Raven and Coyote  Fiction by Jon Remmerde.  3,392 words

The Short and Happy Life of Spaghetti Johnson    Fiction by Jon Remmerde.  2105 words.

Some Family History   Fiction.   378 words.

Windows   Fiction.  1498 words.

The Writer Rides in Autumn Sunshine  Fiction. 4163 . words.