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12-16   Between Storms, a Garden   An essay.  1469 words.


12-12   Hummingbird in Spray   An  essay from C.Remmerde's Journal of the Sonoran Desert.


12-11  Gardening Where Few Dare   An essay.


12-7  Raising Five to Garden   An essay.


12-4   Building Winter Compost  An essay.


11-30   Bird of Fire, Bird of Snow  A poem.  

Reading of Bird of Fire, Bird of Snow  

I Ate Lunch   A poem.  

Reading of I Ate Lunch


11-26   Handyman   Fiction  4185 words.


11-22   The Ordinary Start of My Extraordinary Day by Juniper Kistner nee Remmerde.  An essay.


11-17   A Waterfall in Our Backyard  An essay.


11-9   Fox in My Yard Text and photoby C. Remmerde.


 Bullfight   An Essay.   888 words.screech owl

 11-7   Foxes on the Sonoran  Desert  Journal entries from the Sonoran Desert.   Text by C. Remmerde. Photographs by C. Remmerde and U. Ashby.


11-6   The Housekeeper and the Poet   An essay by Laura Remmerde.  Published in The Christian Science Monitor.


11-1-2017   Headed Down the Road   A Song (remix).


10-27   How I Found My Way Home  An essay by Juniper Kistner (nee Remmerde).


10-22   Dream of Winter   A poem.   Reading of Dream of Winter.


In the Beauty of Earth Itself   A poem.   Reading of In the Beauty of Earth Itself


October 21   Good Morning Sunshine.    A song (remix of an earlier version).


October 19   Now Everybody Will Want One   An essay by Laura Remmerde.  524 words.

Tree with Mistletoe

October 18   Fashion on the Ranch   An essay by Laura Remmerde.  1475 words


October 13   Wild Animals on the Sonoran Desert 2   An essay by C. Remmerde.


October 9   Everything Comes Together at Infinity  fiction. 4,854 words.


October 7   Unspelling   An essay. 1,236 words.


October 2   Wild Animals on the Sonoran Desert   Text and photos by C. Remmerde.


September 28   Webmaster's Journal  September 28


September 25   Wild Animals Who Come to Visit 2  Includes photo of gopher snake. Journal entries from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Text and photos by C. Remmerde.


September 21   Three Trees with One Cut     An essay.


September 17   Webmaster's Journal   September 17.    What I'm doing and why and why not.


September 10    Webmaster's Journal   September 10, 2017.  What I'm doing and why.

September 4   Wild Animals Who Come to Visit   Journal entries from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Text and photos by C. Remmerde.

September 3   Experiment in Clay   Sculpture and photos of sculpture by C. Remmerde.

August 29   I Think a Lot about Things   Song

August 23   Butterfly's Name   A poem, taken from archives and revised.

Butterfly's Name, Reading   Reading aloud (as revised). 

I review my songs, poems, essays, all my work. I often find something can be changed to say better what I meant to say, or my perspective has changed, even though I thought the work was finished when I put it on my website. I revise. If the change is significant, I put it on my website again.

August 15   In the Beginning   Fiction by J.R.  2705 words. Reprinted from archives with small corrections to better fit the story into contemporary happenings.

August 9   Hard Times in Paradise   An essay. 7,107 words. This essay describes experience I described in chapter two of my book, Somewhere in an Oregon Valley. The emphasis is different in each writing. Some details I've selected to write about are different in each writing. The theme is different, aimed in a different direction.
Art is a  process of selection and organization. The differences between what I've selected from experience to write about in this essay and in chapter two illustrate how differences in selection and organization can lead to different conclusions, different themes, a different ambience.

August 5   Venison Summer   An essay. 7669 words.