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September 17   Webmaster's Journal   September 17.    What I'm doing and why and why not.

September 10    Webmaster's Journal   September 10, 2017.  What I'm doing and why.

September 4   Wild Animals Who Come to Visit   Journal entries from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Text and photos by C. Remmerde.

September 3   Experiment in Clay   Sculpture and photos of sculpture by C. Remmerde.

August 29   I Think a Lot about Things   Song

August 23   Butterfly's Name   A poem, taken from archives and revised.

Butterfly's Name, Reading   Reading aloud (as revised). 

I review my songs, poems, essays, all my work. I often find something can be changed to say better what I meant to say, or my perspective has changed, even though I thought the work was finished when I put it on my website. I revise. If the change is significant, I put it on my website again.

 August 20   Coming Home to me   Song by J.R.

August 15   In the Beginning   Fiction by J.R.  2705 words. Reprinted from archives with small corrections to better fit the story into contemporary happenings.

August 9   Hard Times in Paradise   An essay. 7,107 words. This essay describes experience I described in chapter two of my book, Somewhere in an Oregon Valley. The emphasis is different in each writing. Some details I've selected to write about are different in each writing. The theme is different, aimed in a different direction.
Art is a  process of selection and organization. The differences between what I've selected from experience to write about in this essay and in chapter two illustrate how differences in selection and organization can lead to different conclusions, different themes, a different ambience.
Screech Owl

August 5   Venison Summer   An essay. 7669 words.

July 31  Peru  Poem. Afterlife in Peruvian Mountains above the ocean.

Peru   Jon reads his poem aloud.

Dance   Poem. The Poet plays music and dances with the universe.

Dance  Jon reads his poem aloud.

July 28   Hey Man   Song.  Through down times, hold on for real love.

July 25   Thistles and Thorns   Adam sings to Eve before God expels them from the Garden of Eden, at the beginning of humankind's journey through this world.

July 20   Sunshine, Sunshine   A poem set to music.

About Our Guitarist.    A brief history.Tree with Mistletoe

July 16   Predator Overload   An essay from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Text and photo by C. Remmerde.

Elk at Grand Canyon   Text and photos by C. Remmerde.

July 14   Know Your Grower  Song.

July 12   Mariposa   Poem and photograph by Candace Gomber Brey. She wrote this poem after she lost her home to wildfire.

July 11   Math times 4   Putting several essays about our experience educating our daughters close together on this website means there will be some repetition of material. I wrote for different markets at different times and took material from one experience more than once. Overlapping is not extreme here, however, and I decided not to try to edit it out.

July 6   Our Daughters Helped Plan Their Education  An essay. 1341 words.

    Amanda's Effective Education   "If we hope for a culture based on values transcending the most material values, everyone gains from effective education."  A personal experience essay with something to say about education in general. 1,399 words.

    Published in Back Home magazine and in Home Educator’s Family Times magazine. Included in my book, Quiet People in a Noisy World, available on this website. To order, go to "About the author" page and click on the relevant links for paperback or ebook.

July 3     I Ain't Courtin You No More   Song

Pack Rat update from C. Remmerde.

June 30  Pack Rat Midden  in My Yard   (On the Sonoran Desert) Essay and photograph of gopher snake by C. Remmerde.

June 26   Admonitions from the Wind  An essay.

June 22   C. Remmerde's update on birds in Congress, Arizona.

June 19   The Writer Rides in Autumn Sunshine  Fiction. 4163 . words.

June 15    Murdering Cows on the West Boundary   Fiction.  5788 words.

June 10   Beavers and a Violin  essay.

June 6   Leo Rising   Fiction.

June 3  Reading in Winter   Essay by Amanda MacNaughton.  Published by Northwest Booklovers.

May 29  Troll  Text, photo and sculpture by C. Remmerde.

Quail in My Yard   by C. Remmerde.

May 27   Trillions for War   Opinion by Mark Flashberg.    501 words.

May 25   Music to Soothe the Savage Chickens  An Essay by Laura Remmerde. Published in The Christian Science Monitor.

May 22  Down in the Dumps   Fiction.  Sometimes, our dreams and reality intersect.

May 19   Another Day Done Gone   Song about another day done gone.

May 17   Good Morning Sunshine.   This song is about sun shining in my windows this morning. This recording includes some mistakes on guitar. I'll keep practicing and eventually record a version free of mistakes. Meanwhile, this song is far-enough along its road toward completion to share with you.

My music is a process, working slowly toward but yet distant from perfection, as is this website, as is my life, as is all life.

Hello Honey   Call this one a poem, accompanied by rough guitar, headed toward becoming a song, if I have time to practice it many times and then to record it again.

May 13   Quiet People in a Noisy World  Essay.   Published in the Christian Science Monitor. This is the title essay of my book Quiet People in a Noisy World, available as an ebook and in paperback by ordering from this website.

Quiet as the Desert Night    Essay.  Published in the Christian Science Monitor.

May  9   What Do You Mean, "Bookseller Is Not An Occupation?"   An  essay by Amanda MacNaughton.  Published by Northwest Book Lovers.

The Interview that Almost Wasn't, with the Man Who is No More.   An essay by Amanda MacNaughton.  Published by Northwest Book Lovers.

May 6    Light inside My Existence  A Song by Jon Remmerde.

May 4   Gambel Quail Nest   Photos and text by C. Remmerde.

Fox Nest   Photos and text by C. Remmerde.

May 1   Teaching Gregg, Learning from Gregg.  An essay.

Four poems by Candace Brey.